General terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions for parts, service and payment for Traction Avant Jose Franssen SPRL / TPV France

Registration number: 0884682362

Article 1 General
These terms and conditions apply to all offers, orders and contracts. There are no exceptions to these terms and conditions unless they have been made by us in writing. By placing an order the client accepts these terms and conditions. We will not recognize any general conditions imposed by a client, unless beforehand accepted in writing. All offers, orders and contracts, and all trade practices follow Belgian Law and Belgian Trade Practices.

Article 2 Prices and Offers
All quotes and offers are optional. Our offers are valid for a period of 10 days, after which we have the right to modify the initial offer. Our offers, advertisements, etc., do not oblige us to deliver the exact price, dimensions, colors or other specifications mentionned. They merely give a general description of the articles.

Article 3 Reclamation and returns
The client has no right of reclamation when an article has been used, or when the reclamation has no been placed within 14 days upon reception of the goods.
The client has the right to return any article which he can´t use. Here too we obeserve an 14 day period upon reception of the goods. Each return has to be announced beforehand to Jose Franssen SPRL, and has to be sent to the following address: Place du 3eme Millénaire 5, 4850 Plombieres, Belgium.

Only articles which are complete, in their orignal packaging, intact and in perfect condition for resale will be accepted. Any article which is damaged, or with damaged packaging, won´t be payed back, taken back or exchanged. The right to return comes without financial consequences, except for the transport costs (back and forth). The client has the right to request a refund of the payed amount or the exchange of an article. In case of an exchange, the second shipment will take place after payment for the additional transport costs has been received. If exchange won´t be possible, Jose Franssen SPRL promisses to refund the client.

Article 4 Delivery Period

Each order will be delivered to the address indicated on the order form by the client. All articles leave in perfect condition. The client should indicate any sign of damage of his parcel to its transporter.
If a parcel should suffer any delay or get lost, we´ll do everything within our power to trace it back. If needs be, the client will receive a refund by the transporter and a new parcel will be sent at the transposters´ costs.

Article 5 Right of Ownership

We reserve the right of ownership of all delivered articles until they´ve been fully payed. Until then, the client is merely the user of these articles.

Article 6 Payment

The amount due is the amount indicated on the offer sent by Jose Franssen SPRL.
The offer / invoice is to be payed by one of the payment methods proposed in the text sent together with the offer (unless agreed otherwise in advance).
If payment is made by credit card, the funds will be debited equally.
Payment by credit card is done on the site of Ingenico Payment Services Belgium.
Once the payment is registrated the parts are send and distributed within 3 or 5 days.

Article 7 Availability

Orders will be acknowledged within the limits of the stock available.

Article 8 Liability

Each order placed through our website implies the clients consent, without any reservation, of the general terms and conditions of Traction Avant Jose Franssen SPRL.
Jose Franssen SPRL won´t be held responsable in any case for the consequences caused by faulty use of the products sold on our website.

Article 9 Guarantee
The terms above can´t deprive the client of the legal guarantee, which obliges the professional seller to protect the client against all consequences of hidden defaults of the article sold.
In order to be able to benefit from our guarantee, the client will need to preserve our invoice.
The client is explicitly informed that Jose Franssen SPRL is not the Producer of the parts sold and declines all responsability for faulty articles.
Our guarantee is valid for 6 months.
Obviously parts which have been modified or repaired by the client or his employee are excluded from our guarantee.

Article 10 Application law and legal authority
All disputes related to the contract and per extension, all disputes that relate to or arise from the offer from TRACTION, are exclusively subject to Belgian law. In the event of conflicts that cannot be settled between themselves, the court of the legal district where the social seat of the Belgian contracting TRACTION is located has exclusive jurisdiction. The application of the Vienna Convention to the sale of international goods is deliberately excluded.