Track & Trace

We use TNT for transport of the packages. If you leave your email address we will be able to send you an email with your Track and Trace number. With this information you van follow your order and you will know on which date it will be delivered.

Please note that the responsibility of the goods is no longer in our hands once we handed over the goods to the transporter.

The goods to be supplied may be insured on request of the client, where the costs are for account of the client.

For more information on this subject we refer you to our general conditions.


Returning goods

It is always possible that you have to send one of the products back to us. It could be that we send the wrong article by accident or warranty. Download the return form here. Send the completed form along with the product you are returning. One of our staff members will contact you as soon as possible to process the returned goods.

Please note that the parts you send should be properly and in the original packaging.

Download form


If you have any doubts or questions in mean time? Please just contact us using the contact information below:

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Fax +32 (0)87 78 44 35

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